Everyone connected with WFYFC is a volunteer, giving their time freely and generously

All Club documentation, including a Manager's Pack and Development Plan are available for all Coaches, either printed or in a PDF format, contact the Club Chairman. The PDF version of our Manager's Pack is located in the ''Coaching'' area of this website.



Founded in 1980 the Club provides a focus on football for the youth of Whickham
(Gateshead/Newcastle, Tyne & Wear) and the surrounding areas. Whickham Fellside
Youth Football Club will work in partnership with parents and the community so that
all members enjoy and develop their ability in playing football, in a safe a secure
environment. To achieve this we will enable the individual member to realise and
develop their potential; physically, mentally and socially, through organised coaching,
effective management and a sound structure under game situations, using the facilities
available to the Club.

The equal opportunities offered by the Club will enhance the members personal
competence, esteem, adaptability, self-discipline and teamwork. Football is a
competitive sport but it must be played in a sporting and fair manner.

To achieve our mission all Members will work individually and collectively, realising
their potential, to maximise the effect of all of our endeavours. Constant referral will be
made to our Development Plan to achieve this.


Everyone connected with Whickham Fellside Youth Football Club is a volunteer

All our funding is raised through Annual Subscriptions, Donations, Sponsorships, Fundraising and Grants

We continue to look for 'Partners' to assist us as we grow and progress. Anyone interested can call our Club Chairman on 07956 125851

Our Club is eternally grateful to all those Sponsors, both present and past, who contribute to our funding and support our Club and its Teams . . . thankyou everyone