Goalkeeping tends to be an overlooked area in many clubs, particularly at Grassroots level. Whickham Fellside YFC have,  over the years, looked to provide additional focus and support in this area, something which I aim to develop further.

I have nearly 40 years experience of goalkeeping and although I only obtained  my FA Goalkeeping badge April 2017, have spent time working with the club’s previous GK coach, Darryl Warden, as well as working alongside coaches from Evolution Goalkeeper Coaching and Elite Goalkeeper Academy to further my knowledge.

I currently work with 14 of the teams at Fellside and look to spend time either individually, or in small groups, working on a range of Goalkeeping areas to help build both confidence and technique. In addition, where possible I try to get to matches to see our keepers play, to further aid their development 

I ensure that coaches, and where applicable, parents, are kept informed of the outcomes of sessions and key areas to focus on, meaning that everyone is kept in the loop. I also welcome coaches/parents developing their own knowledge in this area and am keen to fully support with this 

Goalkeeping is an area I feel passionately about and my intention is to provide the young goalkeepers at Fellside with the best support possible. If any coaches/parents require any further support or advice please feel free to contact me on 07909 663179 or email me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



Neil McMahon